The Airport

Категорија: путовање, места

An airport is a place where commercial airplanes can land or take off. An international airport is a large airport that airplanes can use to fly to (and from) other countries. A domestic airport is a airport which is usually smaller and only handles airplanes coming from places in the same country.

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air hostesses
airport security
arrivals board
baggage carousel
baggage claim
carry on
control tower
departures board
Duty Free
excess baggage
flight crew
flight delay
passport control
redeye flight


The Airport
Категорија: путовање места
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aye aye cho Offline пре 34 седмица 1 дан 

Makes learners enjoy.

mcpadillaa2001-ова слика
mcpadillaa2001 Offline пре 37 недеље 6 days 

Very useful for anyone who travels a lot.

jorgetroutt-ова слика
jorgetroutt Offline пре 1 година 14 недеље 

so easy.

Adriano Medeiros Dos Santos-ова слика
Adriano Medeiro... Offline пре 1 година 16 недеље 

I'll buy some perfumes on my next time in a duty free.

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Tsuyoshi Suzuki Offline пре 1 година 19 недеље 

Good :)

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Mariness Offline пре 2 година 23 седмица 


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Erskine Offline пре 2 година 26 недеље 

it's good.

anaju565-ова слика
anaju565 Offline пре 2 година 42 седмица 

I love to travel by plane, I hope that will be soon again,

Kayo Toscano-ова слика
Kayo Toscano Offline пре 3 година 14 недеље 

this photo vocab is very important for those who want to travel...

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Lea_928 Offline пре 3 година 15 недеље 

A great way to get familiarize with interesting words about the Airport.

Lea_928-ова слика
Lea_928 Offline пре 3 година 15 недеље 

You should say...
This has been a great tool to learn more vocabulary. Keep on learning, Tristan.

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halcatra Offline пре 4 година 3 седмица 

I have never flied yet :) But I hope it will be useful in the future :)

Lea_928-ова слика
Lea_928 Offline пре 3 година 15 недеље 

You should say... I never flew before. I hope it will be useful in the future.
Exactly, this can be very useful for first time travellers like me also. Keep on learning, Halcatra.

DianaLolita-ова слика
DianaLolita Offline пре 4 година 15 недеље 

I like it!Just this year we had to write an essay about an airport at a competition and mine was very vague.This helped a lot!

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maudette27 Offline пре 4 година 15 недеље 

it's a good !!

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It's a good photo vocal!!!! Congratulacions ^.^

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krzysiek18207 Offline пре 4 година 16 недеље 

I don't like traveling a plane.

Lea_928-ова слика
Lea_928 Offline пре 3 година 15 недеље 

You should say... I don't like travelling by plane.
Keep on learning, Krzysiek.

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Jet Offline пре 4 година 12 недеље 

why don't?

Margery-ова слика
Margery Offline пре 4 година 16 недеље 

The airport is like a big city. I would like to fly to the end of the world.

Jewel-ова слика
Jewel Offline пре 4 година 16 недеље 

  Shanghai  Pudong  =上海浦东

Jewel-ова слика
Jewel Offline пре 4 година 16 недеље 


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Humberto Offline пре 4 година 20 недеље 

very important

Lea_928-ова слика
Lea_928 Offline пре 3 година 15 недеље 

Exactly, very useful too to those who are always travelling and most especially to those travelling the first time. Keep on learning, Humberto.