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The capital of the United Kingdom is also its financial, political and cultural center. London is associated around the world with fashion, power, money, music, trends, and tradition. It is one of the world's truly great cities, and well worth a visit in your journey to perfect your English.

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black cab
Changing the Guard
cockney rhyming slang
East End
Number 10
pillar box
red telephone box
speaker's corner
The City
the tube
West End


Категорија: места
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Yesid Anaya-ова слика
Yesid Anaya Offline пре 2 година 18 недеље 

London <3

JOSE OCHOA-ова слика
JOSE OCHOA Offline пре 2 година 30 недеље 

very good ,london is beutiful city and is extremely big but also is the most beutiful city in the word, I say because I were there

SABRINA DE ABREU Offline пре 2 година 35 недеље 

I love London!!!One day I'll live there!!!!

ronaldo espinosa-ова слика
ronaldo espinosa Offline пре 2 година 28 недеље 

mi to

Diane.Ang-ова слика
Diane.Ang Offline пре 2 година 46 недеље 

That black cab is gorgeous! i wish i could ride it :)

Diego Carrasquilla-ова слика
Diego Carrasquilla Offline пре 2 година 46 недеље 

Someday, I will visit London. It's a marvelous city!

Rodrigo Dal Forno-ова слика
Rodrigo Dal Forno Offline пре 3 година 10 недеље 

I really want to visit London someday!

Biky-ова слика
Biky Offline пре 3 година 18 недеље 

Nice town

이은주-ова слика
이은주 Offline пре 3 година 18 недеље 

I'm going to blow in five days!

이은주-ова слика
이은주 Offline пре 3 година 20 недеље 

I'm waiting for the olympic all day!

iiochavo-ова слика
iiochavo Offline пре 3 година 44 седмица 

nice class

Paul Trehiou-ова слика
Paul Trehiou Offline пре 3 година 46 недеље 

Cool pictures !

Прегледај корисников профил
doc 97 Offline пре 3 година 1 седмица 

It`s a very nice city,i was in London and i will be there soon.!!!

liselotte-ова слика
liselotte Offline пре 3 година 1 седмица 

i was several time in London with the Eurostar. It is every time a beautiful day.

Monik-ова слика
Monik Offline пре 4 година 9 недеље 

I will be there sooner as possible!!!!!!

Diana Tanase-ова слика
Diana Tanase Offline пре 4 година 16 недеље 

I love London and this is really useful. Knowing more about this amazing city makes me want to get there again more and more.

Jewel-ова слика
Jewel Offline пре 4 година 16 недеље 

looking for trouble?

Jewel-ова слика
Jewel Offline пре 4 година 16 недеље 

hope to visit it someday.hey`~

ac8112-ова слика
ac8112 Offline пре 4 година 17 недеље 

I have never been in London

Прегледај корисников профил
Frank JT Offline пре 4 година 20 недеље 

Love its history and polite.

Mayara-ова слика
Mayara Offline пре 4 година 20 недеље 

I would like to live in London someday.

Прегледај корисников профил
badgetester3 Offline пре 4 година 24 седмица 

Better visit it this year. Next year will be really crazy with the Olympics. I bet the hotel prices will jump up quite a bit.

EnglishBrno-ова слика
EnglishBrno Offline пре 5 years 4 седмица 

Hi, London´s on my TOP3 list, almost like my second home. I love love love London, I was lucky enough to spend a few summers there at our friends as a teenager and now love to come back with my own family. Great photo lesson, keep it up!! "Chav" is a cool word I learned from a friend in London just recently!

TeacherInParis-ова слика
TeacherInParis Offline пре 5 years 11 недеље 

I love London, it's one of my favorite cities - I especially love the kind of original fashions (like you find in Camden or Neal Street) that are hard to find anywhere else.

Jewel-ова слика
Jewel Offline пре 4 година 16 недеље 

looking for trouble?now i have learnt this terms.It' so much like my mother tougue