The Iron Lady: Valuable Lesson

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The Iron Lady: Valuable Lesson

Meryl Streep is very convincing as Margaret Thatcher, the "Iron Lady" Prime Minister who dominated British politics and national life in the 1980's. In this scene, the Prime Minister accuses the Opposition of focusing more on the way she is saying something than on what she is actually saying.

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The Iron Lady: Valuable Lesson

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dominique21 Offline пре 2 година 49 недеље 

I nearly enjoy all Meryl Streep's movies A very nice actressShe acts so well !!

luby-ова слика
luby Offline пре 2 година 49 недеље 

when i see Meryl streep i couldn't understand why she didn't follow Clint Eastwood in the movie 'sur la route de madison' :))

Pao Herrera-ова слика
Pao Herrera Offline пре 2 година 49 недеље 


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Blanka Offline пре 3 година 24 седмица 

I haven´t seen the film yet, but I´d like to, definitely. Meryl Streep is a brilliant actress. These exercises are very useful!

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Anita Yang Offline пре 3 година 30 недеље 

Thanks for the sharing. I've not seen the movie though I'm very interested in what Iron Lady has contributed to Britain. I'm more impressed by her than Princess Diana in England. She's quite a vivid lady. I wish her the very best.

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halcatra Offline пре 3 година 1 седмица 

I saw this film - it's wonderful and Meryl Streep had deserved on Oscar which she got. Nowadays there are too little poticitians as Margaret Thatcher - especially in Poland...

Manuel Cabezas-ова слика
Manuel Cabezas Offline пре 3 година 1 седмица 


DuyPhuong-ова слика
DuyPhuong Offline пре 3 година 1 седмица 


franceagathe-ова слика
franceagathe Offline пре 3 година 32 седмица 

it's weird !